Hello, my name is Nina.

I'm a designer, branding expert, and a lover of all things beautiful. You might know me as the marketer constantly pushing social media to its limits. You might know me as head designer of your new branding campaign or as the typesetter for your newest book.

When I'm not busy catching up on design news or curating Pinterest boards, you'll find me looking for any opportunity for growth and self improvement. I'm on a lifelong journey to learn everything about our busy and interconnected world.

My body of work is diverse and uniquely my own. You might know me as the girl behind the stack of books, researching information for the betterment of others. Maybe you remember me as the perfectionist on your team-- the one with a love of elegance and simplicity.

No matter how you might know me –– my values never change. I'm the girl who never quits. I'm the leader you want on your team. I'm the designer and marketing expert you've been hoping to find.

My name is Nina Chan, and I want to tell your story.

Specialties include: 

Branding and Identity
Online Brand Reputation Management
Email Marketing
Event Planning and Promotion
Graphic Design
Layout Design
Local Marketing
Market Research
Marketing Strategy
Print Publication
Project Management
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Google Analytics
Google Adwords
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
User Experience Design
Visual Storytelling
Web Design (Squarespace and Wordpress)